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Posted on Jan 23, 2012 / Est. budget $ 50 / Project closed

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This problem solved for me but when a new plugin was installed I was advised to reload the theme. When I did this it reinstalled the old Header.php and wiped out the modifications that corrected the menu discrepancies. I had a backup system but found that it was not writing the backup files. I now had a backup but not the modified Header.php. I need this menu correction made again.

I am building a website and I'm having a wordpress website menu issues. I really like the theme layout but it appears to have a feature which controls the normal WP menu functions. I have installed several WP menu plugin with the hopes that they would override the theme setting but they do not.

I need someone to review the header.php code for the theme and remove all references for the menu calls and verify that WP Menu Management Enhancer plugin is working

website is

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