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New York , United States

Posted on Dec 03, 2019 / Est. budget $ 2,500 / Time remaining 21 days

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Dear Rent-A-Coder's / Programmers


My financial services firm is looking for a coder/designer to build us a presentative website in a CMS platform (Joomla preferred but Wordpress is fine) The problem we face is that most service providers we are finding in the market place, merely install and modify a template. We need our website's UI/UX to be modern and clean and different from anything else in the market.

For reference we have a list of websites within the financial services industry that we like:

As you can see the latter three websites are more for cryptocurrency or exchange based services, we would need more of a website like but would like to show you the aesthetic we are going after: something clean and modern.


Kindly please send us a portfolio of your work along-side a description of how you would tackle this project.


Looking forward to working with one of you guys!


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