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Posted on Jan 24, 2012 / Est. budget $ 70 / Project closed

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the file should have:
* a table with data (date - supplier - invoicenumber - description - amount)
* a second table with data (date - client - kilo - amount)
* bottom of the table should have
- the total of the amounts
- the profit
- the avarage kilo price

* should have a table with data (supplier - description - total amount) all content should come from the first sheet automatic
* a second table for the clients (client - total kilo - total amount)
* graph representation of the above tables.

The clients and suppliers should come from a list that the client can add new client/suppliers to.
The descriptions should be autocomplete or also a list
The size of the tables is relative to the number of rows and the client can use a form to add data to the tables or something easy like that.

see the attached file for an example for the tables needed.

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