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Posted on Sep 17, 2015 / Est. budget $ 450 / Project closed

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I have a site online since 1998. It is in top 10 for all our major keywords. I want to rebuild it BUT keep it as primarily an HTML site, HTML5/CSS3


a) is an old site, succesful in html4 for many years. We have made some changes towards being mobile-friendly,following Googles announcements. I made and run the site and have only fundamental HTML skills. My home page and mobile domain ( pass Googles' mobile friendly test right now as I'm using wordpress for the part of the site.
Site is on a unix cpanel server and I use Dreamweaver 4.0 for page creation/management.

b) Things I've done already to make site better on mobile devices:
**made header changes: javascript to go to mobile subdomain if device is certain size; viewport, cache-control, gzip
** switched pages & tables & some images to % not pixels
**added relevant code to .htaccess


a. Please quote for coder to make present pages in www home folder mobile-friendly but keeping them as HTML pages which I can manage. I am open to using CSS to do this as long as www part of site is in HTML. I want to keep present content and layout and must be able to manage the new site myself in html.

3. Please, do not send me a long summary of everything you have ever done or can do for me, or try to sell me anything besides what I'm asking for. Instead, please respond to the specifics of the RFP #2,a & b above. Send a link (or brief summary) to your prospectus/c.v is fine.
Also, we do not respond to RFP or emails from outside

Thank you very much.
Mr.Dana Lewis

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