ESpeak-NG text-to-speech improvements

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United States

Posted on May 24, 2017 / Est. budget $ 300 / Project closed
Many people complain that the ESpeak-NG text-to-speech engine is very difficult to understand due to it not having good Klatt-based-voices and pronunciation. I would like to hire a programmer to do the following...
1. Greatly improve the sound of ESpeak's klatt voices by modifying their algorithms and phonemes so they are much more pleasant to listen to and are very understandable especially for people who need good understandable voices due to hearing loss: then give those klatt voices names, and make or set one to be the default voice.
2. improve ESpeak's pronunciation and multilingual accents for its many supported languages.
3. Add an easy to use windows installer for installing and choosing voices and languages during the installation.
4. Add a good responsive sapi5 interface for windows so all applications can use the new and improved ESpeak text-to-speech engine.
5. Compile an android version to be put up on google play store costing $1 or $2 that is also fast and responsive to be used with the Talkback screen reader.
6. If you take on this project, you agree to keep all code modifications and changes to ESpeak you write open source and on the same github page at which you found it.
7. I am on social security and therefore I am willing to pay $20 to $30 per month until the project price of development is paid off.
The ESpeak github website and all that you need to get started can be found at:

Thank you very much for anyone willing to take on this project.