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Posted on Jan 24, 2012 / Est. budget $ 100 / Project closed

what i need is an iso that contains a modified version of true crypt. This version will have to be ran from on the disk for mac and pc. also in the iso there will be a folder with a truecypt .file, have the modified software open whatever .file is in the folder, it can require it to be a exact name.

how it will work
I will be able to mount this iso and add any .file into the folder and burn it.

the user will insert the dvd and it will a pop-up with a login and a warning message.
if the user puts in the the right password the software needs to have the ability to look in the newly connected drive and run an autorun file. If its not there nothing will crash it will just move on as normal.
There should be a bar or something in corner that allows them to eject the encrypted drive and eject the disk.
true crypt is open source

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