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Posted on Nov 11, 2011 / Est. budget $ 150 / Project closed

Want to make a website for educational institute

The brief about academy :
Its offering 10th,11th 12th science courses
Computer basics
In future we are planning to offer some more courses.


1)About us ( CMS driven )

2)Courses offered ( CMS driven )

3)Admission – Admission process (CMS driven )
Fees (CMS driven )
Download prospects ( CMS driven ) Pdf link

4)Staff : will give information about teachers ( CMS driven )

5)Methodology : Will give insight of our architecture and the way we teach. Should be have provisions to display images and videos ( CMS driven )

6) Entertainment : Quiz and weekly prizes ( only for registered section ) ( CMS driven )

7)Query : The parent/guardian/student can submit querry if any. After submitting query an acknowledgment email will get trigged to the user mentioning we will get back soon

8) Contact us : ( CMS driven ) integrated with google map

9) Other services
Career guidance : This should be text box where a user can put his query. Email and phone no details. The data will get captured in the database which will be visible to us.

10) Weekly updates section : (CMS driven )
This section is used to announce winners name, any scientific thought or quote of the day .

Additional requirements:

1) The site should be SEO friendly, could be designed in PHP, DOTNET whatever the technology but should be CMS driven.

2) The site should be integrated with Social media . I.e Facebook, twitter

3) The admin panel should allow us :

To add new courses
To modify contact details
To make announcement if any
To add new members/faculty members
To display results respective to various courses offered
To add quiz and to declare winners name and prize

4) There would be login system, I.e when the student takes the admission in the class he can make login id by entering very minimal information about himself. Name, Course, Email,Contact.

The registered student should be given special privilege to take part on line quizzes/games/additional tips and guidance from the classes.

5) There should be provision to change the homepage banners as now we want. Because we would requirer this to announce various new courses on the site. This should be also CMS driven

Please note every page should have Title, Meta description facility in CMS. The url should display name of page and should be in HTM.
Kindly note we want a complete web 2.0 site, which is visually stunning and flash based with attractive banners on homepage.

Additional Info (Added 2/21/2011 at 6:58 EST)...

Kindly note we have domain name and hosting details which would be shared with the programmer. The programmer have to upload the site on server.

Also there would be minor/few changes and modifications which are always there in case of development of websites.

We dont have enough time to work on Scope of work, Functional scope documents, wire frames so to avoid this designer can share design first on UAT and we can start the html work.

Request to programmers they should not ask for any bonus or extra amount, if we are happy with the work we will definitely share the same with programmer.

Please note only serious bidders are welcomed. The bid range is mentioned request you to stick to that.
Warm Regards

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