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Posted on Nov 09, 2011 / Est. budget $ 350 / Project closed

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I am interested in setting up an online ordering system for a small bakery. Ideally, we would like the styling to be similar to:


NO DESIGN WORK will be necessary. Only the online ordering process. However, we would like a small popup, or a side bar that gives a description of each bakery item when highlighted or clicked on. I will provide all photos and descriptions for this. 

There are a couple stipulations regarding the website. 
There is a set menu for every day of the week, however it is different everyday. I.E The menu is the same every Monday, but the menu for Monday is not the same as any other day of the week. I would like for customers to choose a day of the week, and a corresponding menu appears based on this selection. (Much like that of

Also, the price of our cupcake items is $3.00 each. However, if you buy a dozen, they are $33. An automatic $3 deduction has to be for every dozen ordered. That is something the totaling process has to be able to factor. 

We also offer a delivery service. The delivery service has a $10.00 base charge (15.00 on the weekend) + an additional .75 for every additional mile outside a 8 mile radius from 77024. Is this a total you could automatically generate on the website?

I would also like an invoice to be sent to the purchaser as well as to me so our store can process the order. 

We do not currently have an SSL certificate or a payment gateway. We are not opposed to using paypal as a cost effective resource. However, if you have a better alternative, please let me know. 

I'm ideally looking to complete this project within the next week or two.

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