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Posted on Oct 19, 2015 / Est. budget $ 150 / Project closed

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I require a simple application that can accomplish the following

1. At a set time and day access a csv file stored in a preset directory (The csv file will have a different file name each day but there will only be one file in the directory.
2. Open the csv file and add a column to the start of each line and then add a line at the start of the file to serve as the column headers
3. Upload the modified csv file to eBay via a HTTP POST request
4. Once successfully uploaded delete the original file from the directory.

The following parameters need to be user editable (via a text file or similar)
- Directory where the original csv file will be located
- eBay security token which is required to perform the upload
- eBay upload address
- The time and days of the week that the program will look for csv files and perform an upload.

The program must be able to run on a standard Windows 7 computer.

I have attached a sample csv file for how the file will be seen by this application and a sample of how I require the file to be exported to eBay.
I have also provided instructions from eBay on how the programmatic upload works and what information is required.

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