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Posted on Apr 24, 2011 / Est. budget $ 75 / Project closed

I need an application written that can generate a map from entered information.

I would like this data to be stored in a compact database (like SQLite) and be referenced in the program as a class as shown below. I will be extending this code so clean and commented code is a must.

An example would be:
Private Class MapItem
Public Property Type as String
Public Property X as Integer
Public Property Y as Integer
Public Property MetaData as Integer
End Class

My goal is that as I enter data points, they can be visually seen as a sort of bitmap (and they will also be stored to the database). The X coordinate increases moving to the right, and the Y coordinate increases going up. The ability to plot negative coordinates is required.

The background would be black, and any points that are filled in would be based on a color associated with the Type property of the MapItem.

Attached is an image that shows an example of the GUI I have in mind with some some "map space" that has a large blank area with an area drawn based on the point data entered.

The ability to zoom in and out of the bitmap (predetermined zoom levels are okay) and to pan left / right (even if only by set increments or by using a scroll bar) are a minimum.

If this goes well I may want to do another project to extend it to a web interface.

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