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Posted on Nov 30, 2011 / Est. budget $ 140 / Project closed

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The web site shall be for the "DANCE! DANCE! AFRICA" (DDA) Program to pick The African Dance King & Queen. The website shall show flags of all African countries, and pictures of individual and group African dances, and 5 trophies & 5 PRIZE MONEY to be won. The theme of the program "Dance Dance to Glory, Africa" shall be conspicuously displayed on every page of site. Must have a Registration forms for entrants to complete and submit, with a payment portal for them to pay the registration fees (Group: $200/Couples: $50/Individuals: $30/Children 8-14):$25). The pages will include: Home, About us, Contact us, Sponsorship/Sponsors, Register, etc.
Site has links to Facebook, Twitter, U-tube
The web site state "The Facilitators" as the Host of the DDA. There shall be tabs for different affiliated programs, and Links to Collaborating partners and Sponsors. This description may be slightly modified later.
The on-line forms shall request for: Names, Address, E-mail address, Ph#, Category of entry, It shall also have check boxes for: African Country, type of dance, etc.

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