Cross-platform app needed - An original version of Solitaire, a one-player card game

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New York, USA

Posted on May 15, 2019 / Est. budget $ 500 / Project canceled

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Hi, thank you for reviewing this project.

I am an artist, writer, and editor in New York City.  Last year, I created an utterly original form of Solitaire, “Escape”.  If you are familiar with Solitaire, I bet the versions you have played in your life, whether with real playing cards or on Microsoft Windows Games or online, pass the time but are not mind-provoking, they are random and require minimal resources, other than time and luck, to win.   The version of Solitaire I created, in requiring logic, analysis, deduction, and foresight, makes the game player-focused, intelligence-dependent, and challenging, rather than card-focused, chance-dependent, and tedious.  This is a game every thoughtful person with a smartphone will want to play.  

I am hiring you to turn my game into an app for sale on the App Store. Familiarity with programming card-based games/apps is a must.  To ensure my game rules are communicated successfully and to ensure successful communication between us as we collaborate on this game, a coder with strong English language skills is a must.    

To incentivize you to sign a writing with nondisclosure elements that also affirms the resulting program is my sole property, I will also cede to you 20% of the game's equity.  In other words, for agreeing to maintain confidentiality and agreeing the resulting program is my sole property, I will give you 20% of any profits this game will make.

After I select the coder for this project, I will share with him/her the logic for this game which he/she will encode.  I will also share with him/her the artwork I created as the basis for this game.   

Thank you again for your time as you consider whether this project is right for you.

Kindest wishes,

Andrew Lipsky

New York, NY

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