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Posted on Nov 10, 2010 / Est. budget $ 600 / Project closed

I need to create a website to sell some herbal products. I will give you a sample website:-
I want to create a website similar to this website but obisiouly want to look this entirely different. Lot of content will be from this website and I also will give my contents as well to create a informative website about diabetec. I want to create a order page, an opt-in page for monthly newsletter, a small free pdf book for visitor leaving website, thank you page, privacy policy, terms, disclaimer, contact us,affiliate page. I will also want the code for any future changes to websites and also want the ability to add link, content,audio files and video files. Also want membership link, blog link in the website.
I want to have unlimited revision until website is created to my satisfaction to make any changes as well as any changes within the first year of website.I will check the website that it is fully up and running and all the functions are working properly.

Also want to have sign in and log in page for memebers.

Warm regards,

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