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Posted on Sep 09, 2012 / Est. budget $ 150 / Project closed

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I would like a coder to create a program that will automatically merge 2 or more pdf files once they are drop into a folder. I already have pdf merging software so that's not the issue, I just want it to be automated including the deletion of the pre merged pdf files.

For example, There is already an existing file called pdf1 sitting in a folder called AutoMergedPDFs. Then an additional pdf file called pdf2 is saved to the same folder called AutoMergedPDFs. Then after a 30 second delay timer is up it starts to automatically merge both the pdf files together with the latest pdf2 file pages being added to the bottom of the pdf1 file. The new merged pdf file is given a name something like MergedPDF 201209091005 (including a time and date stamp) and then the older pdf1 and pdf2 files are automatically deleted or sent to another recycle bin folder just in case they need to be retrieved.

SO, does this sound like a job for you? It certainly worth $100 or $150 to me depending on how long you think it will take. I've no idea so if the bids are slow coming in I'll up the price. Furthermore, if this works well for me will have several other jobs of a similar nature as I'm trying to make our computing work more efficient for such mundane tasks.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.


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