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Posted on Aug 01, 2014 / Est. budget $ 800 / Project closed

I have a project that is almost complete. It records OGG files with a ses file. It records 4 channels (tracks). The features it has are wonderful, but there are three more features to be added.

1. We need the program to work in 2 or 4 channels, not just 4 as that's all it does currently.
2. We need the cursor to stayed anchored when Dragon NaturallySpeaking is running , simultaneously. Right now the cursor can all of a sudden go anywhere on the page so it messes all the text up that has been placed on the program with the speech engine that runs, also.
3. It needs to drop the text down double spaced. Right now it's only single spaced.
4. The text needs to be able to feed out of the usb port (whether with the use of a null modem cable, whatever).
5. Then we have the player program already that will play the ogg file 4 channel, but will it have to be modified to play a 2 channel?

We have the code, we just need to finish the project.

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