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South Africa

Posted on Aug 29, 2013 / Est. budget $ 250 / Project closed

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Legacy Parks (Pty) Ltd. - Insurance Division

Our company sells and markets a range of Funeral Policies by means of a extensive broker network. All our policies are managed through a dedicated policy management system through which all policies are captured, banking information loaded, collections managed, over a 100 different reports produced (excel, csv, pdf) and much more. This is not a system we own or have developed, we "rent" the system.

The system is doing everything it should 100%, but it's lacking in regards to the Commission Reports for Brokers (Agents). The reports that are available in this regard are inadequate for our requirements.

Currently we are exporting information from the system and then importing it to Microsoft Access where we do further manipulation of the data and then produce our own custom reports. We are not experts at Access and have "taught" ourselves. The current system is very manual and time consuming, but it does give us the reports we require.

I would like to change the reports to be even more informative, but I don't know Access or any other program well enough to do this. I do know what the Report must look like and what the end result should be.

Information Available to work with (excel and csv format) -

Extensive Reports with client information including Broker Information
Client Payment Reports
Commission Splits (percentages)
Broker Payment History

I would the system to be user-friendly and do some error-checking itself.

More can be discussed, with various examples of current reports to be provided.

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