Combine two pdfs with needed contents based on csv names

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Posted on Dec 01, 2019 / Est. budget $ 120 / Project frozen

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I have two pdf files, each contains the contents that I need and do not need. I would like to have a code that can be easily executed without a complicating set up, so that when I run it, the whole process can be finished. For example, pdf A: 100 pages, pdf B: 100 pages. I want all this be repetitive done for all the 100 pages: for page nth of pdf A, page mth of pdf B, get the needed contents in a specified rectangle of nth page of pdf A, and paste it to a designated location of page mth of pdf B. or vice versa. Finally I got a pdf C that has all the needed contents from both pdf A and pdf B and without unneeded contents from either pdfs.

The names on A and B are included in a csv column. In other words, your program will read csv, pdf A, and pdf B. and the output is pdf C. If name does not in A and B, then skip this name and move on.

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