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Posted on Oct 20, 2011 / Est. budget $ 100 / Project closed

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Hello everybody, i post for the second time this project because i've had a misunderstanding about CMS version with the previous winner.

I need to customize the Cms made simple front end users module to:

1) have a self registration form for front end user - REGISTRATION MUST BE VERIFIED AND APPROVED BY AN ADMIN USER
2) have a NON restricted page where front end user members are listed with only some properties viewable - members are sorted by categories defined in their properties (ex. in properties i have cat a, cat b, cat c like radio buttons and i have to list members in the page starting from cat a to cat c and highlighting the categories)
3) have a RESTRICTED page where front end users can change their preperties
4) front end user can select wich properies are viewable on public area (no phone, no email, yes image, yes name, yes surname...)
5) i have to automatic publish on the CGCalendar the date of birth of any member (if this property is setted to visible from user)
6) i have to highlight the member on the list if his expiration date is ready (ex green light if more than 15 days, yellow light if less than 15 days, red light if expired)

sorry for my bad english!

CMSMS version 1.9.4
FEUSERS verson 1.16

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