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Temecula, United States

Posted on Dec 04, 2019 / Est. budget $ 1,000 / Time remaining 22 days

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I'm looking to create a web application that would spin up resources in AWS, by simply dragging and dropping an icon of the specified application from the left panel to the right panel.  A list of icons on the left pane of the website such as APP1, APP2, APP3 and once dragged over to the right pane and released it would trigger the appropriete calls to CloudFormation and/or TerraForm.  We'll be working on the automation pieces inside CloudFormation and TerraForm, but looking for assistance in creating the drag and drop piece and tying into the AWS environment via SDK and API calls.

In short, the APP1 would spin up everything needed for the application to work in AWS...appropirate VPC, networking, security groups, EC2, DB restores, and IAM rules applied 

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