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Posted on Dec 26, 2010 / Est. budget $ 700 / Project closed

The name of project is: Punching shear resistance of flat slabs using shearheads.

Steel shearheads usually consist of steel channels or beam sections welded to form a cruciform across the top of the supporting column. Although they have been in use for considerable time, only the American code ACI318 specifically considers them. The Concrete Society TR43 briefly mentions them but recommends that the approach taken in ACI318 is inappropriate for slabs greater than 300mm thick. Hence, this project is aimed at establishing more appropriate consideration for thicker slab depths.
As well as demonstrating the differences between various approaches taken by the Codes, the project will investigate the effect of slab thickness using analytical and/or numerical methods.
If an experimental procedure could be provided it would be nice.
I have some files to upload for this but they are to big in size.I can send them when you assign.
The project should be around 7000 words.

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