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London, United Kingdom

Posted on May 28, 2015 / Est. budget $ 500 / Project closed

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I have a simple charity site I need built, this has simple text for several pages (12-15) with images ready to go and a user forum, so had been advised to use Drupal but not fussed as long as it works and has good CMS and user admin functionality

Logo is ready
Images are ready
Domain and hosting is ready to go
Page names and content as well as menu requirements documented

So I need someone to construct the site, there is a template I had been playing with from Template Monster but this was not functioning and I figure its easier to get someone to set this up to save time, I am happy for someone to configure existing site or use new template

Current site is this is not complete and most menu items are not loading from admin menu

I have FTP logon details for the host site so upload will be required once completed

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