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Posted on Oct 24, 2014 / Est. budget $ 1,000 / Project closed

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I am currently writing a book and it is 85% completed. Book will be ready by Nov. 10th, 2014. I am looking for a structural editor, who can edit the structure of book. In this, these are the things I am looking for specifically:-

1. Is it clearly defined or is it lost among marginal issues?
2. Exposition: Are arguments clear and cogent? Are they well researched and properly supported? Do they have a clear relationship?
3. Content: Are all the necessary topics sufficiently dealt with? Are the chapters weighted correctly? Is there superfluous content?
4. Organisation: Is the information organised logically? Are illustrations used appropriately? How many levels of subheads do you need and how should they be arranged? Any Image, idioms or graphics adding for enhancement.
5. Tone: Is the tone appropriate for the audience? Do we need to eliminate jargon? Is the text accessible?
6. Pace: Are there passages that are bogged down in detail? Do I spend too long on detail irrelevant to the main Topic? Are there areas that need further exposition lest they be skipped over?

Book will be between 100 to 150 pages and the subject of book is parenting.


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