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United States

Posted on Dec 12, 2012 / Est. budget $ 3,000 / Project closed

Skills Required:
Developer needs to be an expert in Writing Scripts,PHP, MYSQL, Shopping Cart Integration, and setting up Cron Jobs.
Job Description:
A user will click a button on a secure, third party website to participate in our company’s product line. When the users clicks the button, the third party site will send a GIT file to our site and populate our mirrored data-fields and auto-create a user account on our site.
Db fields:

Upon clicking the button n the third party site, the user goes to our order page which is a shopping cart page.

When the user agrees to our TOS and submits the order, the user goes to a Thank You/Welcome page that will have video content.

Our site will automatically assign the user a domain name and properly route the order to fulfillment.

More details to follow.

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