AutoIt Programmer needed with knowledge of memory reading

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Posted on Dec 13, 2016 / Est. budget $ 500 / Project closed
Game Designer / AutoIT Scripter / Memory Reading/Writing / Code Hooking

We are looking for someone who is proficient in AutoIT AND capable of reading and writing memory for a MMORPG (Using CheatEngine). The MMORPG is a Client-Server based system. Below is what we are looking for in a script writer. The items on this list may or may not be possible. A few we know ARE possible however.

Teleportation Script – This will be a GUI based application that will interface with the game. We have all of the coordinates and mapIDs for this tool. We do however need someone to write the script so that we may teleport to ANY location that we pre-define in the tool. For example, we may want predefined locations such as

Jade Tower (map ID 301, X: 400, Y: -1400)

So when we use this tool, our character will teleport to that map and that location. We do REQUIRE the source code for this script as there are multiple locations that we will be required to teleport too and we need to be able to add/remove them at will. We also would like a training on how these values are found so we can update the addresses every two weeks once the game is patched with updates.

Soul Marble Script- This is a fairly easy script to write based on what is required. In short, slot 1 in our inventory should always contain a soul marble, if there is no soul marble in slot 1 OR if there is something else in slot 1 then replace it with a soul marble. This is basically just an auto-move script. It should check every 30 seconds if there is a soul marble in slot 1, if there isn’t then move one to slot 1.

Enhancement / Enchantment Script – (If even possible). This script can do 1 of 2 things. It can either change the values of the E/E so that it always succeeds OR it can tell the user every time they place an item in the window if the E/E will succeed or fail. If it says it will fail, then we simply cancel the e/e attempt and try again until we get a “succeed” message, then we will press okay in the game. I am unsure how the calculations are done.

One Hit Script – This script would simply be finding the damage register and modifying it so we could 1 hit a monster in game and it die.

Invincible Evasion Script – This script is exactly what it says. When the game is first loaded players are given a 5 second “Invincible Evasion” buff so they cannot be attacked. This script would simply change the timer to indefinite.

NPC Editor / Item Grabber – This may not be possible in a MMORPG. However, if it is. We would like it where normally unobtainable NPC items can be purchased from the NPC. We can provide item ID’s, however we are unsure if the server would honor such a request. However, if you have any ideas on how to get items that are normally unobtainable we welcome your feedback.

Yes, this job is for hacks and mods and source code would be required. Payment can be discussed as how much it would cost per script. This is why AutoIT and Memory Reading/Writing would be required. May even require knowledge of “hooking” code into the game.

If you feel your qualified and would like to take up this task, please apply. We welcome the opportunity. Remember, this is a fixed price for these scripts, not a per /hr type job. However, depending on what you can accomplish for us.

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