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lisboa, Portugal

Posted on Nov 08, 2018 / Est. budget $ 150 / Project closed

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I need a complete travel solution to start a travel and tour business but only to work with a interface with travel agencies and contents providers. The project is develop two applications - one for cell phones (android and ios) and one for PC. The purpose is as follows: 1 - The user enters into the application; 2 - There should be a database on the server; 3 - The user can search by location, area or topic of interest; 4 - The app should allow associating a location and / or area to a route via GPS; 5 - The app should allow having interfaces with travel agencies; 6 - The user should have the possibility, if he wants to send email to make hotel reservation, car. travel, guide to visit the selected sites, etc; 7 - When exists a confirmation or a reservation validation the application manager must be notified; 8 - The application must enable the location of the user; 9 - The database must be managed and have a user friendly environment to introduce new locations, new content and have new business partners. There must be a CMS to update and control the App

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