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Posted on May 21, 2011 / Est. budget $ 300 / Project closed

We have a site that is about 90% complete.


It is a Lead Gen Site with 3 pages of forms that have ALREADY been coded to send data to iContact AND a lead distribution system.

The problem: Two out of the three pages of forms need to be completed. The forms were designed to collect data and depending on the answers given, expose more questions (conditional logic). Some of the questions trigger 6 or so fields to open up that have "already been filled" with the contact data from the first page.

One of the two pages has this function partially completed. So you would only need to complete this functionality for both pages.

We also need you to code the form validation for two index pages that have already been coded in html. One form has two fields and the other has six. We'll then need this input data to go into iContact and into the lead distribution system. We already have this complete on a few other "test" pages, so the hard work has been done - you have a template already.

We'll then need you to code the last two pages for the data of the "slide open fields" to go into the lead distribution system. We have some examples for you to follow on this also.

We'll also need the tracking links to be set up on the site and a redirect "bug" found and corrected. For someone who knows what they're doing, this part should only take minutes. The last "programmer" could not figure out how to stop the site from redirecting back to the index page. He blamed the tracking redirects, but it does it without the tracking links in there.

The majority of this project has been done for you on other pages of the site.

What we need: Someone who knows what they're doing. We've already lost a lot of money paying for people to experiment on our site.

Getting us set up quickly is definitely a plus for someone who is good and fair to us. There will plenty of part time jobs for the right person.

If you take care of use the part-time will definitely lead us to further success which will lead to more work than you want.

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