Amazon Restocking API connection and .TXT File --- Inventory Updates and Price Updates

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Chicago, USA

Posted on Aug 07, 2019 / Est. budget $ 500 / Project closed

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We are looking to create a tool in which we can update inventory more easily. Currently we get parts from multiple distributors and we update everything manually.

The inventory level files come to us in .txt or .csv or .xlsx format.

We are looking to create a tool in which we can upload these 3-5 files and have the tool index the info on these files, then be able to link those items in this database to our Amazon listing skus and update pricing and quantity daily. 

For each Amazon sku we would give the following information:

Sample info:
Part Number: 341241
Brand: Whirlpool
Vendor: XXXX
Quantity: 34 (Live Amazon Inventory)
Marcone Quantity: 4943

This SKU ABC-3D-43-SAJ on Amazon will eventually oversell and come to 0. We would like this tool to be able to restock our inventory quantity on Amazon via API or .TXT file that we can provide a sample of. 

We would like to do daily updates on out of stock and in stock items. This will help us not oversell items.

This tool should also be able to have some logic applied for pricing an item. We would set a table of what shipping costs based on a level, then the tool would have to calculate the current Amazon price, minus Amazon Fees, minus our shipping and make sure we make a profit on the sale. Examples can be provided. 

A final variable for this project is PRIME items, PRIME items should only be restocked on Amazon based on our in store inventory file, not our vendors, because these have to ship same day. These will be flagged as PRIME SKUS. 

When restocking we will only restock based on a ratio. For every 10 that our distributor has we will list 1. This way we never oversell.

For every item we sell there are the following Fees.

Shipping Fee - varies on item size

Amazon Fees - 15 Percent Flat.


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