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Posted on Jan 15, 2019 / Est. budget $ 250 / Bids 5
Need help to acess and, and learn how to use both sites APIs.   Thanks,Andrew ... read more
Posted on Jan 12, 2019 / Est. budget $ 140 / Bids 1
We are now working on a new educational platform,, so we are looking for specialists to fulfill our learning materials base. For now, we have basic content for Java, and we are interested in authors for more advanced topics. This activity involves creating topics themselves and a bunch of exercises for a learner to practice in those ... read more
Posted on Jan 09, 2019 / Est. budget $ 7,000 / Bids 6
Hello, I'm looking to find a coder who can create a bot that will scan satallite images from google or bing maps - specifically to: - Locate car parks (i.e. pick them out compared to other features) - Apply a set of heuristics (we will supply) to that car park to give it an arbitrary score. These include density of spaces vs the area of the car p ... read more
Posted on Jan 02, 2019 / Est. budget $ 100 / Bids 1
I need to do a poc project to read a message from an MQ queue using mdb. The message will have a count value. Then write the entire message to an output queue n number of times where n Is the count value. To start with, I need this running for 20000 times for count value. ... read more
Posted on Dec 17, 2018 / Est. budget $ 500 / Bids 13
To whom it May concern ....   Greeting I need to create an application with the online market concept similar to amazon, ebay, alibaba, easy and convenient for users, where customers can register without complications ...   Reliable, safe, especially good elaborated   Budget $ 500 ... read more
Posted on Dec 16, 2018 / Est. budget $ 250 / Bids 7
I work for a company that is using a system that is out of date with wrong information. We have to contact various people around the nation (United States)but it's almost impossible to reach all of them and gather that Intel. I wanted to create an app where they contacts can put there information in so we have access to it, no room for wrong inform ... read more
Posted on Nov 09, 2018 / Est. budget $ 250 / Bids 4
A version of facebook presented in the form of a family tree only for family members and where you can see updates and comments made on Facebook but in the tree format. You can see where the surname is born, the founders and all the consanguineous ties with the other surnames, in addition to the statistics of how many times it is related to other s ... read more
Posted on Oct 25, 2018 / Est. budget $ 250 / Bids 2
Seeking inside Admin support professionals that resides in the United States and Canada to complete the following tasks:   --Making daily phone calls into a client base --Making calls focused on setting up online and in person appointments for further conversation and/or demonstrations --Experienced with inside sales/collections --A focus ... read more
Posted on May 05, 2015 / Est. budget $ 1,500,000 / Bids 11
Hey, we need an epic Java programmer that can help us with our game. The game is called Star Flight. The controls are going to be arrow keys for movement, q for speed boost, w for invulunebility, e for power up, space to shoot, and alt for bombs. The game will have 5 stages, Each stage contains different enemy minions as well as a stage boss. ... read more