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United Kingdom

Posted on Feb 03, 2012 / Est. budget $ 50 / Project closed

I am looking for a web designer or similar who can create an affiliate page for my website.

The affiliate page will have to include the following resources for potential affiliates:

1) Banners
2) Articles for affiliates to use on their sites / blogs
3) A few newsletters to be sent via email to the lists of affiliates
4) Example email signatures for affiliates to use
5) Example classified ads
6) Email auto responder series (10 day responder sales copy)

The successful candidate will have to create banners for me to offer to my affiliates. These must be in the usual sizes such as:


The banners would have to be both displayed on my affiliate page and also have the HTML code so that people can copy and paste onto their sites / blogs etc. The HTML code would also have to allow for the affiliate to place their code within it.

My site is currently on wordpress and can be seen at

I am looking for candidates with a proven track record and persons who can show me evidence of previous work.

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