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Posted on May 05, 2013 / Est. budget $ 50 / Project closed

Accounting Software:

I wish to develop a desktop application to handle the accounting for Lawyers and Estate Agents. The following criteria will apply to the project.

Database: Ms Access 2010
Forms: Windows Forms based System or WPF User Interface System
Code: The code between the Forms and the Database to be C Sharp
Reports: Access Reports or a Developers free version of Crystal Reports
Source Code: Source Code to belong to me and to be delivered to me in full

The source code will be inspected by my in house developer at the end of each iteration to ensure that it is written along acceptable standards and that the code does not contain any kill switches.

The Program will need to run on computers running Windows XP up to Windows 8. The installer will need to load the Access database on the Clients computer and should have a run time facility to allow the application to run on a computer that does NOT have Ms Access 2010 installed.

I will supply the Tables for the Access Database and these will be done in Ms Access 2000 format. This will have to be imported to Ms Access 2010. There may be some additions and adjustments to the tables as the project progresses. I will also supply wire frames of the screens required in the program and give written instructions of the links between the Forms and the Database Tables and Columns. I will also give written instructions of what Tables need to be used to obtain the Reports required in the Program

The Program will have the following number of Screens, Tables and Reports

Screens: 64
Tables: 27
Reports: 39

The Program will be split into 8 different iterations with each iteration to be priced individually. Whilst I would like to work with the one entity for all the iteration I would like to stress that I will be putting each iteration up for costing on the internet to ensure that pricing is consistent throughout the development of the Program.

At this stage I want to agree the terms and conditions for the payments of the iterations and I will only consider sending the details of the first phase of the Program for pricing to those who agree to the following conditions of payment or those who will suggest more acceptable terms for payments.

Each iteration will be paid at a rate of 25% of the price for the iteration in the following way

25% to be paid at the start of each iteration when the work to be completed in the iteration is understood and screenshots for 2 screens have been agreed and accepted by me

25% to be paid when I have proof of the fact that half of each iteration has been completed to my satisfaction

25% to be paid when the installer for each iteration has been delivered to me and I have tested each iteration and the source code for each iteration has been inspected by my in house developer.

25% will be retained in Escrow for each iteration until the Program is fully completed and the installation and source code has been delivered to me. This overall amount will then be paid out at the rate of 25% each month starting one month after the delivery of the full Installer and source code for a period of 4 months.

If you are interested in this project you MUST include the following statement in your reply

“I accept the payments terms and conditions”