1. Develop live news ticker and 2. Web Scraping leads into this news ticker

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United Kingdom

Posted on Aug 27, 2016 / Est. budget $ 120 / Project closed

Job Spec:

Dear Sir, dear madam,
I am looking for an expert to:

A. develop a news ticker similar to this one:
see screenshot attached.

B. Web Scrape/ Extract all $tickers/ (only the first 6 characters) beginning with $XXXXX (for example $GOOG, $MST, $NBGGY etc.) from the following websites:

Targeted webpages=




into this developed news ticker.

Output format/ scrolling News ticker specifications:
- 2 rolling tapes, about 2 x 0.6 centimiters at top, middle or bottom of computer screen
- tool should scrape webpages automatically, 24 hours a day, with 5 options to update every 30 seconds, every 1 minute, every 2 minutes, every 3 minutes or every 4 minutes
- first 5 characters after $xxxxx
- Silver backgroundand blue font
- always on foreground
- top, middle or bottom of screen.
- speed control: very fast, faster, fast, medium, slow, slower, very slow
- crawl direction: right of the screen to left of the screen

further specifications and screenshots similar to this newsticker to be discussed further, but should mostly be based on this:


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