I Need to Enhance my Shopify Website by Editing the Template

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Dublin, Ireland

Posted on Jun 13, 2019 / Est. budget $ 100 / Project canceled

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I'm looking for someone who can work on this project exclusively for a few days and work with me on it in real time. I am finding it very frustrating dealing with the long lag time communicating my requirements.....then waiting a considerable amount of time......then getting asked a number of questions to clarify......then waiting for the work to be implemented......then me asking for further adjustements.......waiting another considerable amount of time......then getting asked more questions to clarify.........etc etc, you get the idea! 


This process can take days to just get a small job done so it is simply not workable. We will need to schedule a mutual date and time to work on this together over the phone (Whatsapp preferably) and start doing the jobs in real time so I can see the work and requested changes there and then.


We will need to agree a daily rate for this work (say 6 to 8 hours per day with short breaks in between) for 3 consecutive days. Perhaps somewhere between $100 and $130 per day depending on the level of experience and how fast you can work. Bear in mind that I will need lots more work in the long term to further improve the website so I would like to develop a long term business relationship. 


The work itstelf should be very straight forward for an expierence web developer who is familiar with Shopify. I just need some graphics added and the menus given background colours and borders. Things like the search bar and checkout cart re-positioned and made more aesthetically pleasing etc. I have a draft design list and can go through it with you before we start.


It's also worth noting that I do not wish to move away from Shopify as I am happier using a standardized platform so please do not suggest we build a new website from the ground up, it is simply not needed nor do I want to go down that route.


I hope that makes sense and look forward to hearing from some web developers here.


Thank you very much!

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