We need a website -design for a financial services company

About the client

Pfäffikon, Switzerland

Posted on Jun 12, 2019 / Est. budget $ 250 / Project canceled

Skills required

Simple, not fancy. Modern, stylish.

The site is not meant to get attraction but to serve as a proof that we do things seriously, professionaly, up to date, high standard, that the company is modern, and provides quality solutions.

It's a financial solution provider company but dont event think of putting $bills or bitcoins in the background. We are modern, unconventional. We split problems into pieces and wrap them into a solution which is a security (have a look at the attached text and you get a feeling).

It should look good on desktops, tablets and phones.

Think about fonts, number of fonts, font size, etc.

Suggest background pictures that fit the "message". Licensing fees for pictures (shutterstock/500px/etc) will be paid separately.

Port the site to our hosting provider.

After work is completed, we need to easily (ourselves) maintain the site.

Site should "feel" language of the accessing browser and accordingly change to relevant language (English, German, Russian, Chinese, Brazilian-portuguese)

Languange versions to be provided by us. 

Price is fix (no bidding) at USD 250.

If you are interested, please provide:

1. the best 3 websites that you designed for other clients who had a similar requirement

2. the reason why YOU should become appointed.

Based on the above, we will select provider.

Attached you find the foreseen content. Logo/Icon to follow (provided by us as png).

Work should be completed within 7 calendar days after you received all information, data, text and files as to be requested by you.

Thanks, Bernhard

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