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Nicosia, Cyprus

Posted on May 14, 2019 / Est. budget $ 200 / Project closed

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I need a web based application for sending SMS and/or Email reminders. Each account created on the web app will be able to connect on multiple google accounts, one account at a time. It will be able to save the credentials for each account, so I won’t have to enter them every time. It will show a list of saved google accounts the logged in user can use. It will also allow me to create a list of available services. This is how the web app should be:

1.      Fully responsive design. Compatible with PC browser, mobile phones and tablets.

2.      Each web app logged in account will connect on multiple google accounts, one at a time.

3.      It will save the credentials for each google account so I won’t have to login every time.

4.      It show a list of google accounts I saved the credentials for, so I can choose which one to use.

5.      It will read the contacts and calendars of each google account.

6.      As soon as I select a calendar event, I will get the option to select a client name and a service.

7.      I will also be able to select if I want to send an SMS or Email for this reminder.

8.      I will then save this reminder

9.      The app will sent an SMS or Email reminder 24 hours and 1 hour before the selected date and time.

10.   The SMS or Email will say: Dear $clientname, you appointment for $servicename is at $date $time.

11.   A page will show me the saved reminders and a status if the SMS or Email has been sent or not, and an option to re-send.

This is the API for sending SMS:

There should be a “Settings” page where I can configure:

1.      When will the reminders be sent? 24 hours before? 1 hour before? Both? Fully configurable.

2.      SMS API settings. The API might change in the future so it should be editable.

3.      Ability to configure the Email Sender, Subject, Body.

4.      What should the SMS or Email say? I should be able to modify this using $client, $service, $date, $time variables.

5.      Option to completely disable/enable the SMS or Email option throughout the web app.

6.      Accounts. I should be able to create/modify/delete user accounts of people who can use this web app and all the options should be configurable per account.

I should be able to run this on a shared web hosting service like Bluehost. So it should use standard technologies like html, php, apache, mysql. If it’s not possible, I can also run this on a VPS Linux machine. It’s not a requirement, but I might prefer a developer that can create this web app as a docker container. Also, I will be the owner of the code written for this web app.

If something is not clear, ask me. Don't make any assumtions on how this web app should work.


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