I need a simple app created and connected to existing software and hardware

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Reading, United Kingdom

Posted on Jan 24, 2019 / Est. budget $ 500 / Project closed

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We wish to create an app for University of reading students. The app will have a log in screen through which students will use their University ID and Password. The app will the feature a percentage stating "How full" the library is. This number will come from an existing software which measures when a student enters and exits the library (They do so with campus card readers at the entrance/exit). This job does not entail creating the app. This job requires a coder to connect the existing liibrary software which states when someone enters and exits the library. Translate the data from that software into a percentage calculated by taking into account how much study space is in the library as well as when a student enters/exits the library. Then having that percentage appear on the app. The percentage should either update live with every individual entering or exiting the library or it should update in short time intervals (max 5minutes). 

As we know very little about coding ourselves, we are willing to increase the estimated budget for any equipment (a server for example) needed or as long as there is a valid explanation for why the budget should be increased. 

Please come up with a rough estimate of what this project may cost us as a first step.

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