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Posted on Feb 27, 2013 / Est. budget $ 400 / Project closed

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We need a php programed website for uploading and checking different files and store them after successful check into a specified directory. The purpose is file distribution (update) for another already deployed program.

A user should have the ability to login into this website. Afterwards a site should be displayed where the user can upload up to 15 different files from his local disk. (e.g txt-, csv-, excel-files)
Additional to the file selection, we need some checkboxes to classify the uploaded files (e.g. testonly, productionready)
Another feature that we need is a function to delete already uploaded files
After upload these files should be checked that they meet the requirements. If one or more files don’t meet the requirements these file should be rejected and an error message should be displayed.
The uploaded files which meet the specs should be stored in a special directory. Afterwards a so called catalog-file (xml) should be generated. This catalog file should contain a global description and a detailed description of each uploaded file which is currently available on the server including the filename, the flags (testonly, productionready), the last upload date. (detailed description of the catalaog file is available)
For each file we want to upload we need a validation xml-file where we can describe the file format of the uploaded file (e.g. csv file or txt file, number of rows allowed in this file, number of colums, delimiter between the coloums). This file should be used to verify the upload file.
For the excel files we already have test routines, which we want to hook into the verify process. That’s why we need an option to call these routines from the upload process like this:
blnExcelFile1_verify_status = my_excel-verifyer1 (filename, path);
blnExcelFile2_verify_status = my_excel-verifyer2 (filename, path);
and so on. If the check routine returns ‘false’, the uploaded file must be rejected with an error message.
We already have examples for the files that we want to upload, descriptions of the desired file formats and a description of the catalog file that should be created on each upload.
The site should be programed in php5 and html without database access. All needed status information that is needed for operation should be kept in files.

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