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Axon Communications is a premier IT outsourcing company in India providing web development, online marketing and branding services using mainly open source web technologies to clients worldwide at affordable rates. Its web development services are based on content management systems TYPO3 and Drupal, ecommerce software Magento and business management applications of ERP, CRM, HRM, etc. Axon Communications aims at maximizing your online presence. Based in KINFRA Techno Industrial Park, Kakkanchery, near to the Calicut University campus in Kerala State, India with a vibrant and energetic team of highly skilled web developers, we build stunning websites and user-friendly web stores, develop complex web applications, provide online ERP and business management solutions and undertake online marketing and branding tasks. Axon has been a trusted name in providing services in open source web technologies since 2007 and is one of the best shops of TYPO3, Drupal and Magento in India.