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For five years I worked in a call center assisting customers with their accounting software problems. As such, I helped my customers primarily with their payroll and tax concerns. The task required a thorough and accurate assessment of the customers' immediate concerns. As time was of an essence I made sure that the diagnosis and troubleshooting steps were communicated in the shortest period possible. I was trained to offer a work-around and in some occasions, a callback when no immediate resolution was available. In short, what I started, I was determined to finish. As a customer service representative, confidentiality was a big factor. As I mentioned. I handle customers who had issues with their taxes, federal as well as state, so that it was imperative to be tightlip about this. In the same manner, the customers' documents should be held confidential. The positive influence of this experience should indicate that I would be equal to opportunity of a typist in your company. Edit Service Description