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(Currently undertaking) My experience, from the beginning, has always been linked to the marketing department and sales department. There are several companies where I had the pleasure of working, and great differences between them, since its size to its sector, which gives me a very broad, from the individual (citizen of walking) to global (global market). If you check my profile, will see my progression to the online world. It all started in Gescosa, which started from a very weak image and website does not conform to the sector. From this point, and thanks to that first experience, manages and controls two Web page changes more IDM and Iberbanda. Among projects begin to take all the possibilities in the world of internet business and marketing: - Structuring Optimal Web - SEO (SEO) - Effective management of sponsored links (SEM) (Adwords, Overture) - Follow-up campaigns (MediaMind, Nielsen Netview and AdRelevance) - Intranet - Design and content creation - Internet Research - Microsites - Email Marketing A word that defines me: Geek. As a professional "crazy" for new technologies and computer science, and who likes to stay up to date, has the objective of working for an enterprise 2.0, thanks to the Master in Digital Business I am currently studying at ESIC, I'm learning all the to develop tools that work in a professional manner: - Calculation of Return on Investment - Opensource and Cloudcomputing - Creation of digital products - Mobile Marketing This led to the business. I am also an entrepreneur, and I learned a lot from my first venture, a Marketplace for the young public (student). I always keep my blog updated (, which speaks of the LED, a technology that begins to flood, as well as internet.