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Skill: VBA HP Software (Mercury) - Quality Center Functional Test Planning-Preparation-Execution C,C++ Python OOPS Data Structure SQL / PL SQL HTML HP -Quick Test Pro CSS ASP / C# .net Role: ? C++ , VBA and Python developer ? Web application developer ? Unit Tester ? E2E Functional Tester ? Automation tester ? Test Designer ? Defect Quality lead ? Risk Based Testing ? Code and Test Results Reviewer Responsibilities: ? Requirement analysis ? Creating prototype of the application and frame database design ? Developing the E2E application and normalizing database ? Analyzing code to identify and improve performance bottlenecks and contingencies ? Developing T-SQL stored procedures, functions, triggers, views ? Creation of unit test, E2E test plan and test cases ? Ensuring the unit test covers more than 80% of the code ? Ensuring the E2E test cases cover all the requirements ? Writing VB scripts to automate the test scripts ? Fixing the timeline for Delivery ? Debugging