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SimplePoint Software (as seen on Manta and BBB) has a development and pricing model built for companies that intend to pursue larger clients or for apps that could grow significantly in volume of users. SimplePoint Software specializes in highly maintable apps which means that the risks and costs involved with improvements are reduced because of smart design based on proven industry practices. SimplePoint Software can build reporting, ETL (batch and job processing of data), data warehousing, web and desktop application development, data security and encryption, all with professional graphic design and built on a cloud platform that has high availability (very little downtime) and high scalability (can go from low volume use to high volume based on configuring instead of having to move to new hardware or recode the application). But the pricing is half the cost of what the industry charges for enterprise grade application development so that you can do reduced initial investment for a beta version or pilot program. SimplePoint Software: The Solution for Today and Tomorrow is Simple.