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We are a group of technically proficient and highly competent developers formally educated in the vast discipline of Computer Science. Our philosophy is to deliver products that have been built with an emphasis on security. Any would-be developer can build an application, but it takes an aficionado to ensure the application cannot be broken by malicious users. We constantly seek to improve our custom content management systems security features and we roll out updates to our entire list of existing customers whenever a vulnerability is found and patched. Our passion to develop applications was given substance 2 years ago when our first stint with a professional cooperation, NCR, materialized. We developed a secure content management system to simplify the process of managing installations, sales, and technical support of products and services offered in the region. The system used MySQL, PHP and JQuery. Web Development isn't just work for us. It is our passion. Give us a chance and you will walk away 100% satisfied. We believe in results rather than big talk, and testimonials by satisfied customers are a good representation of the quality of our services. Do check our reviews.