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Programming languages C/C++, C#, Objective-C Visual Basic and VB script in the Open Office 3 and Microsoft Windows Office platforms. Java programming, java script and various java dialects including Java ME Python for emebdded platforms X-Code Scripting and dedicated languages like Bash, Csh, asp, php, SQL etc. Development platforms Linux desktop and server platforms based on Debian, Red-hat, Ubuntu, and other Linux embedded among which OpenWrt, Ltib Qt for embedded and other Qt for multi-environment desktop applications (Windwos Xp, Windows 7, Mac OS-X, Linux desktop) Qt for Symbian and Maemo platforms Qt-quick and Qt QML for desktop and mobile platforms Networked and collaborative development based on SVN and GIT systems Software documentation based on Doxygen, Javadoc, SVN and other Microsoft Office development scripting and automation Graphic and project support tools for software/hardware prototypes 3D Blender package Various graphic packages Eagle cad Processing IDE Specialties Hardware interfacing development, Embeded systems, Mobile, hardware integration and software engineering, Prototyping software management, project coordinator, software engineering, team management, prototyping, Technology integration, embedded development ?? Experience APS Hardware-Specific Printer Driver at Development of the USB and Ethernet / WiFi Android printer driver for the APS-Printers proprietary printing protocol for mobile platforms Third party developer at ESC/POS printer driver for Android on thermal and impact USB printers. Innovative payment method based on Bluetooth LE mobile devices. Third party developer & Technical support at Sunphor printing technologies ESC/POS Bluetooth printer driver for Android Mobile tracking and messaging portal at Nuova Diana gas It is a mixed web portal and Android application for private GPS tracking of the devices and SMS exchange system between the company mobile devices and the central server. Ths messaging system is based on a message gateway (the project includes hardware and software) while on the Android side - the users with mobile devices - the message reception generates a network notification. The device includes specific Android applications for the customer. Price My House 1.1 at Evimin Fiyati Project for mobile devices that focus the development on the platforms Symbian (Nokia devices) and iOS (Apple devices). Note: The website link refers to a first development phase only due to a private section in charge to the client. The application is developed for Nokia Turkey in conjunction with (Turkish mobile operator) Qt Complex 2.0 Development Framework at Necessitas Qt development community Creation of the Qt Creator plugin for Necessitas Qt for Android based on the QML framework Qt Complex 2.0 Development of Monocle for Harmattan at Matchbox Mobile Development consultant on Nokia N9 Harmattan platform Core applications for mobile device branding, Android environment at Company Pliris Mobile Nigerian The project consits of a set of applications that will be on-board when the device is sold to the clients. - Startup stub for device power-on branding - plirisText free sms-sending application - plirisNews localized news aggregator The software is developed on Qt Necessitas for Android powered with the Qt Complex 2.0 platform. Core device application on Nokia N9 platforms at Viva la Mobile Stub application and core application for N9 (Nokia Harmattan Meego 1.2) devices. - Development of the main architecture - Creation of the first beta - Application development based on the client UI design Interfacing a Telit embedded to a Mitsubishi Alpha 2 industrial controller at Amber Technical Solutions This is a python-based software development project that aims to manage the Mitsubishi Alpha-2 industrial controller throught the RS232 port with a Telit embedded device that connect remote networks on the Internet with a GPRS mobile connection NPE 9100 software controller at Amber Technical Solutions This java package continuously check a series of input ports on the NPE9100 unit generating a set of output records sent to the stdio. The program can be run as a batched process recirecting the output to a data file continuously updated. Naijanimi SMS at Naijanimi Nigerian communication company Based on the platform and developed under QT-Quick, primary for symbian mobile this project aims to release a free application that interfacing this portal permit to send free SMS using Nigerian mobile numbers. RC Hobby Stream (Desktop version) at Maplegate Media Group RC Hobby Stream shows a RSS feed of a set of Twitter Users, periodically updated. This version of the application works showing the Tweets delivered by the U.S. magazines Robot Magazine, Fly RC Mag, RC Driver and RC Heli Pilot. Plus, the Twitter messages of The Users Group Buy. I have coordinated and directed development and technical teams for several big customers like Alcatel company, Hospitality Industry companies and I have experienced the knowledge to manage and develop projects for complex applications including hardware and software. Old Researches and developments ASIA Web engine, team development manager (3 people) at 3W Company 1999 - 2001 (2 years) Development of the ASIA Engine platform for web portal creation and management. Based on ASIA Engine and portal development environment, I coordinated and supported the project and development of the communication portal for the Insurance company Fondiaria group. Specialistic support on wide networks at Alcatel Italy and other Europe subsidiaries 1998 - 2001 (3 years) Specialistic support as network consultant on centillion, cisco systems and network management applications on wide range geographical networks. Some of these were: Pliva pharmaceutical company in Croatia, DHL Italy and DHL Europe, Telecom Italy, Infostrada, TNT Traco and more. Virtual body, development team manager (2 people) at Galileo Siscam - Florence 1996 - 1996 (less than a year) Virtual Body Project to follow biological shapes moving in their natural life environment, developed for Galileo Siscam - Florence, Italy. Actually the algorithms developed in this project are used for life structures recognition in several automatic tracking processes. Biomedical application Virtual Head, developer researcher at Tecno Data 1995 - 1996 (1 year) Development of Virtual Head, computer controlled helmet for biomedical application, in collaboration with Centro Don Gnocchi, Milan - Italy for diagnosis and monitor of health diseases that can influence human optical discrimination capacity. VR Simulation platform, development team manager (8 people) at Tecno Data 1995 - 1995 (less than a year) Software development for a simulation engine for virtual reality (1995) with hydraulic feedback for movement and navigation simulation. Development of the C++ SPDK (Simulation platform development kit) for virtual reality software applications. Network fax multi user environment, developer, team manager (6 people) at Geymonat Associati ltd 1993 - 1994 (1 year) Project and development of Fax Station technology, integrated fax/printer application operating as virtual device Windows printer driver to manage automatic fax deployment, interfaced with mainframe text printers. The application was capable to understand and translate the text print files (ASCII only) converting them to PCL language for remote wan deployment over LaserJet printers and corporate fax servers. The project was developed to operate both in windows and apple operating systems (the customer was BGSS Communication Company working with a lot of apple based graphic stations) in NT 3.5 and Novell 4.0 network operating system and Windows desktop. Development of the redirector technology, develompent team director (3 people) at Geymonat Associati and Barbella Gagliardi e Saffirio Adv group 1993 - 1994 (1 year) Development of the Redirector technology, a set of automatic language translators and drivers for the IBM Mainframe text-only printers forwarded over a distributed HP-GL and Postscript interface for laser network printers, impact, colours, laser, Pcl and Postscript devices connected to Windows desktop computers Software developed in C / C++ language in several netwok environments. Ink-jet fax/printer, software driver developer at Olivetti Italy 1993 - 1993 (less than a year) Printer driver development of the first plan paper ink jet fax/printer for Olivetti, an Italian hardware computers and peripherals producer. Software driver developed in C/C++ language for Windows for workgroup. Digital radio RDS software decoder, team manager (6 people) at Geymonat Associati ltd 1992 - 1993 (1 year) Project, development and international registration for the algorithms property for the first RDS (Radio Data Page5 System) software decoding system based on a custom radio synth card for PCs Software and drivers developed in C language and Microsoft Windows environment. Archaeological research on skull analisys, graphic software developer at Anthropology Dept. Turin University 1986 - 1988 (2 years) Anthropology Dept. Turin University, Prof. Melchiorre Masali, “The man of grimaldi”: analysis and reconstruction of the skull, based on bones found at Grotte dei Balzi Rossi. Software in C language, morphometry and image analysis algorithms for automatic shapes recognition. Graphical simulation for archaeology, graphical software responsible, team member at Institute for Archaeological Dept. Turin University 1987 - 1987 (less than a year) National Cultural and Environmental Dept., S.A.A.St. Institute for Archaeological Dept. Turin University, Prof. Melchiorre Masali and Prof. Paolo Gullini - Simulation and computer reconstruction of the House of Menandro in Pompei Software developed in C language and interface developed with Director multimedia tools using desktop graphical workstations and catia graphic application. Morphometry for biologists - Developer, research team coordinator at Turin Animals Medicine University - Nutritional dept. 1985 - 1987 (2 years) With Luca Masali and others, Turin Animals Medicine University - Nutritional dept., Prof. Paolo Durio - Study and develop of a morphometry system for qualitative analysis in biological structures. Software developed in C language on graphic workstations. 3D reconstruction of archaeological sites, graphic image processing, team member at CIRT - Centro Italiano Rilevamenti Terrestri 1986 - 1986 (less than a year) In collaboration with Federico Villani, CIRT and National Cultural Environment Dept. Development of algorithms for reconstruction and 3D model of and ancient grave found in Sardinia Italy Software developed in Lisp language in three dimensional Autocad environment. Industry automation software developer at Cigala & Bertinetto 1985 - 1986 (1 year) Development of applications for custom computers and embedded hardware employed in the manufacture industry. Hand-held software developer consultant at INFOS Italy (Fiat group) 1984 - 1984 (less than a year) Development of terminal software for hand-held computers data collector at INFOS Italy (a FIAT group Company). Software developed in C language – Vitamin C platform. Developer and team manager (4 people) at ARCAS Building enterprise 1980 - 1982 (2 years) Development of a complex system for project cost control for ARCAS Building Enterprise over Texas Instruments DX-10 hardware and O.S. compiled Basic language Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian Skills & Expertise Software Engineering Mobile Prototyping Embedded Systems Technology Integration Team Management C Android iPhone Software Project Management Software Development Software Design Real Time Interaction Design Microcontrollers Embedded Software C++ ARM Firmware User-centered Design Assembly Embedded Linux Information Architecture Heuristic Evaluation User Interface Design User Interface Contextual Inquiry Mobile Applications Systems Engineering ???Wireless Embedded C Hardware Design Mobile Internet Linux Kernel Task Analysis Symbian Qt Windows Bash Mobile Software Mobile Devices Git Python Linux Design Patterns Eclipse Java Programming XML JavaScript Main Publications Difendi il PC da sguardi indiscreti Finson Authors: Enrico Miglino Titolo del Libro: Difendi il PC da sguardi indiscreti Autore: Miglino Enrico Editore: Finson Collana: Easy tech Genere: libro. elaborazione dati Argomento: Personal computer Pagine: 160 ISBN: 8848745075 9788848745079 Leggere gli e-books Finson Authors: Enrico Miglino I libri elettronici, che si chiamino e-Books o e-Paperback, sono la nuova frontiera dell'editoria e stanno diventando sempre più diffusi in tutto il mondo, anche per il loro nuovo ruolo nell'universo della didattica. Il testo indica quali sono i formati più diffusi, da quelli completamente gratuiti a quelli a pagamento, quali software servono per leggerli, come vengono realizzati e in quale modo vengono distribuiti e resi disponibili per il lettore finale. Il manuale, partendo dalla generica definizione di ipertesto, attraverso consigli, indicazioni e precisazioni, consente al lettore di creare da solo i propri e-books. Girare un corto in digitale Apogeo / Feltrinelli 2006 Authors: Enrico Miglino Un libro che insegna come realizzare un cortometraggio di qualità utilizzando a livello semiprofessionale la tecnologia che oggi è alla portata di tutti. Nel Dvd allegato i file del cortometraggio e del backstage Il telefono cellulare (usare il WAP) Finson Authors: Enrico Miglino Brossura: 160 pagine Editore: Finson Collana: Easy tech ISBN-10: 8848745156 ISBN-13: 978-8848745154 File sharing Finson Authors: Enrico Miglino Brossura: 160 pagine Editore: Finson Collana: Easy tech ISBN-10: 8848745148 ISBN-13: 978-8848745147 Crea la tua pagina web Finson Authors: Enrico Miglino Il testo si rivolge a tutti coloro che, anche se inesperti, vogliono costruire pagine web accattivanti e facilmente navigabili. Analizza le possibilità offerte dal linguaggio html e le cose da fare o evitare per la progettazione e la realizzazione di un sito web. Passato imperfetto Prospettiva Editrice November 2007 Authors: Enrico Miglino Passato imperfetto è un romanzo che contrasta la memoria, l'appartenenza al passato con l'esatto contrario. Una narrazione in cui il ricordo, l'intimità più profonda di ogni esistenza, diventa tragica merce di scambio. Passato imperfetto si sviluppa in un mondo possibile, per le vie di riconoscibili città, in cui il ricordo è una necessità per sopravvivere ma il gesto ultimo è separarsene, abbandonare infinite volte se stessi ai bordi delle strade, muovendosi e cambiando continuamente direzione per ricominciare. Sviluppare applicazioni con Palm OS Apogeo / Feltrinelli Authors: Enrico Miglino "Sviluppare con Palm OS", uno dei primi testi in italiano che fornisce una panoramica completa e dettagliata sul mondo dei palmari... visto dalla parte degli sviluppatori. La trattazione dell'argomento è completa ed esauriente per il sistema operativo Palm OS, l'alternativa al grande concorrente della famiglia Microsoft. Quello del Palm OS è un mondo vicino alle logiche dello shareware e del freeware; diventare sviluppatori di applicativi per Palmari in ambiente Palm OS non è impossibile, e nemmeno così difficile, ma soprattutto si può contare su una quantità quasi illimitata di risorse. A partire dalla stessa Palm One, che rilascia attraverso un sito dedicato sistemi di sviluppo e software kit sempre aggiornati, il materiale disponibile in rete per gli sviluppatori va dai compilatori ai linguaggi di programmazione, agli strumenti di supporto più diversi. "Sviluppare con Palm OS" affronta l'argomento in modo chiaro e sistematico, con esempi, indicazioni su dove e come reperire materiale e una buona presentazione dell'architettura hardware e software dei Palm. È il punto di partenza indispensabile per chi vuole cimentarsi in questo ambiente relativamente recente ma per cui esistono già alcune centinaia di migliaia di programmi distribuiti in tutto il mondo attraverso la Rete. Ma è anche un ottimo strumento per capire come sono fatti questi "computer", come sceglierli e cosa possono fare; per quanto piccoli non sono per nulla limitati, anzi si tratta di macchine sempre più sofisticate e simili ai PC, tanto da riuscire a soppiantare in molte situazioni i computer portatili. Qt Complex 1.1.0 for Harmattan Nokia Store August 3, 2011 Authors: Enrico Miglino Qt-Complex for Harmattan is a complete framework for the creation of Qt-Quick QML UI with customizable objects. From the application the users access the wiki documentation and installation information. This app is an example of a Qt-Complex UI. Follow the application links to download the development package. This version is distributed under the open source LGPL 3.0 license. Francesco Ediciones Baleares October 19, 2013 Authors: Enrico Miglino Nota dell'editore Scorrevole, lucido ed emozionante, una lente di ingrandimento che mette a fuoco le dinamiche e le stranezze dei rapporti umani. Un intreccio verosimile fra quattro persone, con rapporti che nascono e che muoiono, che ingabbiano oppure che liberano. Ció che resta emotivamente al lettore è la straordinaria sensazione di aver provato almeno una volta nella vita l’esperienza del protagonista Hector, sospeso tra la realtà e il proprio mondo interiore costellato di ricordi, ma anche tra una monotona quotidianità senza né inizio né fine e la voglia di ricominciare da capo per poter vivere emozioni nuove, forti, intense ed indimenticabili. Ancorato ad una storia sentimentale al tramonto, Hector deciderà di cogliere tutto ció che viene e, come un bambino in cerca della verità, dovrà arrendersi alla semplicità della freschezza e della gioia che una donna sbucata dal nulla o forse da un passato alternativo saprà donargli. Emerge la capacità dell’autore di creare atmosfere di vita realmente vissuta e dilatare il tempo del racconto affinché, come un vestito, aderisca a quello dell’inconscio: le descrizioni sono brillanti pennellate a tratteggiare l’universo interiore di un uomo costretto a combattere i propri fantasmi o a farsi cullare dai ricordi. Un racconto che si lascia leggere con trasporto e partecipazione. Francesco, Eng. Edition Ediciones Baleares October 18, 2013 Authors: Enrico Miglino Note From the Editor A clear, lucid and exciting story: a magnifying lens focusing on the dynamics and the oddities of human relationships. A plausible plot among four people, and the complexities of their relationships. What remains to the reader from an emotional point of view is the amazing feeling of having tried at least once in a lifetime Hector's experience, a character suspended between reality and his own interior world full of memories, but also between a monotonous everyday life without a beginning or an end, and the desire to start again to experience new, strong, intense and unforgettable emotions. Still tied to a dying relationship, Hector decides to live accepting everything as is and, like a child before the truth, he will surrender to the simplicity of freshness and joy offered by a woman appeared from nowhere. Or maybe from an alternative past. What emerges is the author's ability to create an atmosphere of life truly lived, and extend the time of the story, so that - as a dress - it will adhere to the unconscious dimension: the descriptions are brilliant brush strokes depictin the inner world of a man forced to fight against his own ghosts or be lulled by his memories. An immersive and pleasant story that will involve the reader until the last page. ? Patents PROTEZIONE ELETTRONICA DI DENARO ELETTRONICO/CARTE DI PAGAMENTO Italy Patent Application ITVT20100006 (A1) Inventors: Enrico Miglino, Roberto Murgia Rilevazione del livello ambientale di onde in radiofrequenza con taratura automatica e segnalazione di quantità eccessive di segnali in aree spot finalizzato alla bonifica ambientale a corto raggio --- System for environmental detection of radiofrequency waves able to self-calibrate the wavelenght detection aimed to detect low-range radiofrequency environment pollution. SISTEMA DI CONTROLLO DELLE PRESTAZIONI DEI VEICOLI CHE IMPIEGANO CENTRALINE ELETTRONICHE BASATE SUL PROTOCOLLO OBD II, INTEGRATO CON RILEVATORE SATELLITARE GPS E SISTEMA ANTIFURTO DI NUOVA CONCEZIONE GESTITO ATTRAVERSO TERMINALI MOBILI DI TERZA GENERAZION Italy Patent IT TO20060881 Issued June 14, 2008 Inventors: Enrico Miglino Sistema di controllo delle prestazioni dei veicoli che impiegano centraline elettroniche basate sul protocollo OBD II, integrato con rilevatore satellitare di posizione GPS con sistema di antifurto veicolare gestito attraverso terminali mobili di terza generazione (3G), Palmari e Smartphone mediante protocollo radio Bluetooth o WiFi MULTIMETRO POLIFUNZIONALE PER TERMINALI MOBILI DI TERZA GENERAZIONE (3G) QUALI PALMARI, SMARTPHONE E TELEFONI CELLULARI, CON FUNZIONALITA INTEGRATE PER APPLICAZIONI DI MISURA IN CONTINUO E SPOT ATTRVERSO SONDE SPECIALIZZATE COLLEGABILI ALL'APPARATO. Italy Patent IT TO20060880 Issued June 14, 2008 Inventors: Enrico Miglino Multimetro polifunzionale per terminali mobili di terza generazione (3G) quali palmari, smartphone e telefoni cellulari, con funzionalità integrate per applicazioni di misura in continuo e spot attraverso sonde specializzate collegabili all’apparato. SINTONIZZATORE TV PER COMPUTER PALMARI E SMARTPHONE CON FUNZIONALITA' INTEGRATE PER APPLICAZIONI MULTIMEDIALI E RICEVITORE RADIO IN MODULAZIONE DI FREQUENZA Italy Patent IT TO20050067 Issued May 6, 2005 Inventors: Enrico Miglino erminale mobile basato su Palm computer all'apparato per la sintonia del segnale televisivo trasmesso via etere. Lo scopo è la creazione di una generazione di terminali mobili in grado di ricevere informazioni (dati e multimedia) dall'esterno indipendentemente dalla presenza della connessione con un provider di servizi radiomobili. L'idea trova applicazione sia con computer palmari dell'ultima generazione che smartphone. Nel primo caso (computer palmari) il terminale acquisisce la possibilità di ricevere ogni tipo di informazioni, dati e multimedia da sorgenti esterne, e lo smartphone può operare indipendentemente dai servizi a pagamento offerti dal provider di telefonia mobile. A radio card to be associated with a computer eu Patent EP 0632368 Issued January 4, 1995 Inventors: Enrico Miglino A radio card capable of being associated with a computer and comprising a PLL device and a digital control apparatus, both being directly driven by said computer. It further comprises an FM tuner controlled by the PLL, at the output of which there are provided an RDS recording device and a decoder of the stereo/mono signal, which latter in turn is connected to said digital control apparatus. This latter is connected to an amplifier comprising two stereo channels. Education Università degli Studi di Torino Several, human sciences, image research, natuarl sciences, 1980 - 1994 ITIS Casale Backelor of chemistry, special interests in organic chemistry and particlels physyscs, 1976 - 1980