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Prime-Studios Where Music is Everything! You have arrived. Prime Studios is a virtual gathering of EDM producers, DJ’s, fans and anyone else that wants to be in on the mix. Our founders, Prime and “House Head” Val’s House formed V.I.P. and brought together today’s top EDM personalities as they travel to the best events around the globe. Based in the electric city of Denver, Colorado, they have access to the scene in Denver as well as having the ability to attend shows anywhere in the U.S with just a short jet ride. The music they love drives them; through the heavens in a never-ending search to find the best shows and meet the artists that bring EDM to life. V.I.P. is dedicated to bringing the EDM to the fans. Whether it a soulful trance or some downright hard hitting dirty dubstep, you will find it all here. You will see what goes into an EDM production as well as hear interviews with everyone involved in the scene on their podcasts. From the latest equipment to rising stars on the horizon, V.I.P. will bring it all here. In the Reviews section, SIRI will review shows, EDM releases and virtually everything that relates to EDM. As the site continues to grow, you will see the Prime Studios e-zine. Bringing everything EDM to the masses with the distinctive flair of V.I.P.