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I am an iPhone/iPad & Android application developer. I have very good hands on experience in various areas of application development. I have also dealt with In App purchases, iAds, Encryption, Memory Leaks, application performance improvement, accessing websevices, SOAP, XML, REST Services,JSON,UI, Gestures, Pinch Zoom, Core Animations, Map & Location Services, Notifications, Code Reusability,PhoneGap, HTML5 embedded, Google Analytics, ASIHTTP, Touch XML etc. Apart from Objective C, I am also familier with Java, Servlets, PHP, writing REST Ful web services, accessing those web services from iPhone application, C, HTML5, CSS3, java script, MySql. I am willing to apply all the knowledge I have gained during my 2 years of work experience. I will consider all the factors from user perspective while developing any functionality. User satisfaction is the first & fore most important for any application, which can be achieved only by detailed & proper design strategies. I have worked mostly on enterprise applications. Currently I am working on a ERP kind of product. For most of the products, I have worked on accessing webservices (XML,JSON,REST,SOAP,WSDL,CSV etc).I am also familier with the SVN source control. I am also familier with XAMPP,Apache Tomcat, WAMP & MAMP. I have achieved grade 'A' for my performace during my career at TCS(Tata Consultancy Services pvt. ltd).