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I'm one of the laziest people in the world so I look for ways to use technology, especially when using Microsoft Office, to do as much of my work for me as I can possibly get it do do. Of course, for short term projects that means that I'll probably spend 2 hours automating a solution for every hour of time I save. So, I'm looking to fix that ratio by having someone else spend the hours automating the solution for me and then I can go back to just being lazy. I'm a heavy user of MS Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Adobe Pro in day to day work. I'm a big fan of portablefreeware and all of the intrepid coders out there that build those nifty little tools that I don't have to build that saves me time. I'm an old school BASIC programmer who started on a Commodore 16 (a few years back) and consider myself a hobbyist in the use of VBA and AutoIT. Although I've been coding for a lot of years it's like using any language. If you don't practice it constantly it can sometimes be difficult to accomplish some of the most basic (pardon the pun) tasks easily. Like most people who work in any business, I have 12 hours of work for every 8 hour day, and every request is urgent and expectations for completion are yesterday. So, my job is stressful, demanding, requires making unrealistic time commitments to my clients and co-workers (you're a coder, you know what I mean.. heh) and there's always repetitive tasks that, if automated, would save me time. But since I don't have enought time anymore to spend on doing the coding (or at least not to do it right) I've decided to do something I'd never thought I'd do, I'm going to outsource and get help. Most of the things I automate involves MS Office (2007) so the coding must be done in VBA and the code must be something I can re-use. Most of the things I want automated will be quick turnaround. My expectation is that I'll be able to read and understand the code you provide. I'm a firm believer in not reinventing the wheel so I've scrounged the internet, usenet, books, etc for code snippets for various functions that I use and then tweak to fit whatever task I'm trying to accomplish. Having been part of various programming communities, I know programmers learn quickly not to "start from scratch" and can get code from other programmers and from online communities. In some cases code is obtained from commercial sources. I've bought a few libraries myself. But, everything I receive must be under the concept of a work made for hire so, none of the code provided to me under any project can be proprietary since I must have the ability to go in and tweak it myself or use it at a later time in other projects.