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Commencing a few absolutely wonderful businesses...difficulty for now is that I've not the present economical input FOR THE TIME BEING ONLY for website manipulation & transformation via diversified Dynamic Flash programming input. I saw a few free sites and some other ones but I need some functionality done in my websites. For example, what I need and want is to have my 8 varied backgrounds and to have them AUTOMATICALLY INTERCHANGE LIKE EVERY 30 MINUTES, for example. And also to have maybe some glittering flash aspects on a few of those backgrounds, etc... can you do this? Oh, by the way, whereabouts is your company business located? is it in the USA & if so what is your physical mailing address, please. I kindly thank you for your help... I have some more inquiries but firstly I will just write these for now... When in the past i had my new floral business but someone did the website VERY BAD...and I got hardly any business because of that. And in this country people always EAT WITH THEIR EYES BEFORE THEIR STOMACH... this make sense? Please, contact me if you can at (858) 859-7921 god bless! rachel reyes