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For couple of years, WAKAFRIDI has helped executives at local, state, and federal government entities, determine how information technology (IT) solutions can solve significant business challenges. WAKAFRIDI and its team help clients in numerous industries design, build, integrate, and support IT solutions that provide compelling business results.WAKAFRIDI also helps clients before the technology is discussed. We can help you quantify the value of IT projects, articulate the business consequences of changing, de-emphasizing, or canceling IT projects, even transform the perception of IT from that of a technology provider to that of a trusted technology and business advisor.WAKAFRIDI Whether you seek a custom solution, a packaged solution, or outsourcing services, WAKAFRIDI can deliver the results you are looking for. And because we are vendor -agnostic, our objective is to find the right solution for your needs, regardless of the technology, product, or providers WAKAFRIDI a pure-play information technology and consultancy firm with superior value-priced services and reliable delivery for both private and government sector clients.WAKAFRIDI services are offered globally in the fields of Web Technologies, Databases, BI and Enterprise and IT infrastructures.