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South Africa

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I have many years of programming experience, and have little trouble learning and adapting to new concepts, ideas and challenges. I tend to prefer programming in Common Lisp, C, and Assembly - though I am familiar and capable with a number of other programming languages such as: Java, Clojure, TCL, Scheme, Forth, UNIX Shell Scripting, Python and PHP. I have a very good grasp of UNIX-like operating system administration and usage, my primary operating system is NetBSD, but I am able to work a variety of other UNIX-like operating systems such as: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, GNU/Linux, QNX, SunOS, Solaris, SCO OpenServer, and IRIX. I also have a fair amount of experience with usage and configuration of devices runnign Juniper's JunOS and Cisco IOS. Plus a little development on both DOS and Windows, and a pretty healthy nderstanding of both internetworking and information security.