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LOUIS BURKE Apartment 11, House 10 Glenomena, UCD Bellfield Campus Mobile: 086 3153742 A graduate with a BEng in Digital Software Systems with industrial experience in software development for communications technology EDUCATION 2011 – Present UCD – MSc Computer Science This is a taught MSc programme where the content of the course is customized to individual student needs and their prior learning experiences. 2004 – 2006 GMIT – BEng in Digital Software Systems The course involved a lot of practical assignments including mini projects and many programming orientated assignments in Java, C, C++, assembly language, Matlab, VHDL and Clips. 2003 – 2004 GMIT – National Diploma in Electronic Engineering 2001 – 2003 GMIT – National Certificate in Electronic Engineering BEng FINAL YEAR PROJECT The scope of the project was to successfully implement a basic TinyOS application on a Telos Platform mote the TI MSP430. After having achieved this it was hoped to implement more complex applications on the mote such as wireless data acquisition/sensor network applications and gather and manipulate the data via a base mote on a PC, that is to create a low power sensor network. Technologies used: C, NesC, Java and MySQL. PRACTICAL TECHNICAL SKILLS GAINED - Java A firm understanding of how to program in Java and programming in general. - C A strong understanding of C through subjects like system architecture and real time operating systems. - GALib As part of the MSc I completed a Natural Computing module, this involved a project using genetic algorithms. - Octave Used Octave to implement a single layer perceptron as part of a Machine Learning module. - Scheme/Church Implemented cognitive modules using a version of Scheme called Church as part of a Cognitive Modelling module. WORK EXPERIENCE May 07 – Sept 11 Network Software Engineer – Intel Shannon Limited Network Software Engineer responsible for the development and testing of drivers and firmware for network acceleration technology. LOUIS BURKE Apartment 11, House 10 Glenomena, UCD Bellfield Campus Mobile: 086 3153742 Sep 06 – Dec 06 Graduate Software Engineer – Graham Technology PLC Responsible for the creation tailored business process management software for various clients. TECHNICAL SKILLS GAINED - C/C++ Proficient in the use of C and C++ code in both Windows and Unix environments for the development of software and associated tools such as GDB. - Make Experienced in the use of Make for building large C/C++ projects. - Valgrind Experience in the use of this programming tool for memory debugging, memory leak detection, and profiling. - Unix Kernel space debugging Experience in kernel space debugging through the development of kernel space applications and test code. - Unix/Linux Experience in developing software in the Unix environment which includes the ability to write shell scripts for automation and environment management. - Version Control A sound knowledge in the use of the Clear Case source code version control software and some brief experience in the use of SVN(Subversion). - Perl Experience in the use of Perl for program automation in the Unix/Linux environment. OTHER SKILLS - Full driving licence. - Strong knowledge of Gaeilge(Irish/Gaelic), basic knowledge of French, beginners understanding of Spanish and German. INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES - AI: I've become interested in Artificial Intelligence especially after having attended the AGI-10 conference in Lugano, Switzerland. - Biology: specifically rejuvenation medicine. - Entertainment: I'm a big film fan especially science fiction and other genres. - Books: I like to read especially books concerned with health, science and technology. On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins a book which sparked my interest in AI. - Transhumanism: Concerned with the impact of increasing technological development on the human condition. REFERENCES Available upon request.